Across Mexico: Chasing an Impossible Dream

25 minutes 8.2/10

More than a million people attempt to cross the river that forms as the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Fleeing from countries like Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua their first quest is to enter Mexico with their ultimate destination being the United States. This is an extremely dangerous mission. 25 minutes long.

Across Mexico: Chasing an Impossible Dream chronicles a group’s journey as they set out to reach the US. It follows them as they board train after train, avoiding police patrols and at times offering bribes for survival. Approximately 40 per cent of the many people who attempt this quest actually make it to their destination. Several end up arrested, injured and in some cases dead.

Falling from the trains which are the only means of transportation for these migrants have cost many their limbs and lives. It is a sad journey for many as they seek a better life. Personally, I can’t imagine what it must be like for these people, especially the many who end up so close to their dream and instead are caught or injured. A quest of approximately 4,000 km, the migrants consider the dangers involved to be worth the dream in which seek. That dream simply being, the American dream.

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Discuss This Documentary

  • Samanirfan

    its dangerous but its beautiful   

  • Apedosmil00

    They’re brave..and desperate and it makes me upset. 

  • bluewater

    they, like us, and everyone else, deserve a life. We need to fix a better world for everyone.

  • tru_usa

    The documentary has no ending.
    Not worth it.

  • Pixeedude

    Brilliantly done, and I don’t miss the non-ending. Let’s just guess how it worked out, ey? And have you watched the other Aljazeera ones from this channel? I just realised I got vertigo when watching the Bolivian one, my God.
    Thanks so much for finding and uploading.

  • Joseph

    I am normally the type of patriotic American who gets furious when a person either disrespects an officer or runs away when they have nothing to hide. But in your case it’s obvious you know the law better than they do and they blinked first when you started the staring contest. You have the brass knockers of king kong, but I take my hat off to you.

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