Almost Real: Connecting in a Wired World

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This documentary presents a few individuals for whom the Internet has become a way to connect with like-minded souls in surprising ways: a cyber punk based on an anti-aircraft rig in the English Channel who operates a rogue Web server, a monk developing “wireless prayer technology,” a “gamer” who re-creates himself in an online game, a retired couple living in an Internet-controlled seniors’ complex and a divorcée who exchanges vows online with a man she’s never met.

Even though this documentary was released in 2002, there’s no question that stories of these highly connected individuals are still, if not more than ever, easy to relate to.

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  • from the margins

    This is a provocative, well put together film. Definately worth watching if you’re conflicted by the yet unknown trade-offs we nievely make, when we allow the internet to suplant & subvert our everyday community.

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