Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good

80 minutes 7.3/10 based on 10 votes

Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good is a review of her music and career to date. Drawing on rare and classic performances, exclusive interviews, lengthy contributions from friends, colleagues, journalists and experts, and a host of other features, this film is a unique insight into the music, career and life of a cultural icon.

In an age when Z-list celebrities garner more media attention than the truly gifted, Amy Winehouse is an anomaly – a woman of such extraordinary flair it beggars belief and a dream for the tabloids, all rolled into one. So while many of her chart-topping contemporaries build here-today-gone-tomorrow ‘careers’ of little substance, Amy’s appeal is genuine, based on talent with a capital T.

Released in 2009. 80 min. Documentary film.

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  • David

    To drag one’s self home to an empty house , (after a physically exhausting workday spent dealing with too many people that one would rather not know). TV left off- I rarely watch it- radio dead- cannot remember the last time it was turned on. Go to the ‘puter & scroll down through the bookmarks. Click on documentarystorm- to find this- this thing on Amy Winehouse, (heard of her- saw a brief clip of her on the tube, once-
    That outstanding voice & style! Doing stuff that I had not heard in decades. Such a talented young woman! The occasional newspaper articles about her personal problems & so on……..
    I watched the first video with fascination, then poured a drink and watched all the others, and all my problems just kinda…..floated away! I needed that.
    Thank you so much, Amy! (And thank You, too, for putting this online where I could find it!

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