Blue Gold: World Water Wars

The War Over Your Water is About To Begin

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This is not a film about saving the environment; rather it is a film about saving ourselves. It doesn’t really matter what your stance is regarding environmental, religious, or political issues; if you go without water for a week, you cry blood. When we search the universe for life, we search for water because as far as we know, all living things need water to survive.

Water management has always been extremely important to humans. History proves that ancient societies cherished water and molded their lives around the availability of this life sustaining liquid. But modern times, profit is being made from the decreasing availability of water. What this means is that those who have the money to pay for it get water, those who can’t pay have no access to it. Therefore it becomes a life and death situation with profit at the very core.

Although 70% of Earth is covered with water, about 97% of this water is saltwater. That means that only 3% of the water available on Earth is fresh water. This should be enough to sustain life on the planet were it not for the fact that much of it is contaminated beyond human use. Our water is largely being polluted by chemicals used in agriculture that ultimately end up underground. Add to that the toxic emissions of automobiles and factories that contaminate the clouds. Among various negative effects on our planet, water pollution has been linked to the increase in miscarriages and the decrease in sperm count.

The good news is that Earth has an amazing ability to renew itself. The bad news is that we need to act as soon as possible to allow this to happen. But those that are profiting from the lack of water aren’t interested in seeing or working towards any improvement. In fact, in many countries water management has been grabbed out of the hands of the people and privatized. Bottled water has become a booming business.

It’s time for activists from all walks of life to step in and take control of the water sources in their communities. We need to make sure that everybody’s children and grandchildren have enough water to live on because change is not going to begin by the hands of governments, industries, and corporations. We, the People, must become the guardians of the water of the 21st century. This is an urgent call to action. Watch it now.

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  • Julie V

    Excellent doc. Share with your friends!

  • Tim Garrett

    great doc..

  • Iram Abbasi

    Totally worth watching. Encouraged me to do something about the issue in my country i.e Pakistan. First thing first: I should say no to bottle water!

  • Justice4ALL

    This is not available for streaming…How is everyone watching this?

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