Born to Rage?

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Born to Rage: are some people born to be violent?

An extraordinary discovery suggests they are. A single gene has been associated with violent behavior. It has ignited debate. National Geographic takes you inside the Warrior Gene. 45 minutes long. Nature vs Nurture rears its ugly head and they are both teeming for a fight. In the 1980’s, a youth rebellion was brewing. Angry music was spewing angry reactions. Henry Rollins became a poster boy for the rebellion. During shows, he was burned by cigars, lighters, and hit by fists and feet. Ex-punk rocker Henry Rollins is on a mission to figure out why many have struggled with feelings of aggression their entire lives.

Can the discovery of this gene lead a happier human race? Or, will it help identify key factors in genetically growing super soldiers?  The science can be used either way. A common gene mutation has been identified with compulsive and violent behavior. The “Warrior Gene.”

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  • Nikki

    My favorite part by far is at the 37:20 mark. Some wise words by the eldest monk.

    • Stanley

       Amazing answer. Gives me hope.

  • Steven

    Are you serious?  Any bloke down the pub could’ve come out with that, it was the most ordinary mundane banal prosaic common sense folk wisdom platitude – and that’s the product of decades of spiritual reflection?  Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus!

    • Omaha86

      whoa calm down there mr angry internet warrior, it was actually a very good statement, that you are incapable of seeing it just shows your immaturity.

      • Steven

        You’re really easily impressed.  The guy said “everyone is born good and bad; not everything is set in stone”.  It’s a cliched folk adage!  You have a pretty low “profundity threshold”, Omaha! 

        • Dr. James Wolf PHD

          You must have the gene

  • Lee

    A good documentary I thought. but I am disappointed that no women were tested for this gene  

    • I was thinking the same thing Lee, there are plenty of violent women in the world and  they offered no explanation into why this is  so.  Sure women may carry an  extra gene offset this low activity but what if some women have one or both low functioning genes?   You would think a women’s prison would be a good place to start.  

    • Roy

      Scientists deal with reality not political correctness.  In reality, women are far less likely to express the gene.  Therefore, it makes no sense to test them for the phenotype in the initial studies.  Doing so would just make the correlations harder to pinpoint.  Now after the gene is isolated and the phenotype understood, it might make sense.

    • Jonathan

      They covered that at the beginning saying that since women have two x chromosomes that they cancel each other out and/or make up for it.

      • Lee

         Apologies & thanks Jonathan I completely missed that bit

  • Ryan Chander

    Rollins is a punk

  • Lee

    My comment had absolutely nothing to do with political correctness, anger management is a reality for both genders. I feel the documentary should have included women.

  • Jonathan

    I find it funny that they call this a warrior gene but then go on to show that if you have it you are no more or less likely to be angry or aggressive. As if the whole show about the finding was to show that the finding really didn’t affect anything one way or the other. The only thing it did affect was the trial.

  • Tcart01

    Thanks so much for this upload. Henry Rollins is one of the most important people of our time. He’s all action. Love that guy.

  • loscubos

    Dumbass or asshole, what do you prefer?

  • sevy

    theres no such thing as a genes!! its just a way to take away your power! u have a gene, u cant do anything about it.. guys this is mind control, wake up :) dont watch tv so much. do some reasearch. allot of them are missleading, i know. in this case just take a baby and place him in a good environment and he wont be violent a drop.. put him in some dark society corners, than u can say he has a gene. THIS DOCUMENTARY IS TOTTALLY BULLSHIT!

    • Lifeelixirs

      Thank you for bringing this up and I agree with you. I kept sensing just intuitively (as a teen) how things tought didn’t add up, then years later I’ve read
      The Biology of Belief
      Book by Bruce H. Lipton..

  • Dan

    I agree with Steven. It is obvious that we are the product of the interaction of our inherited
    propensities with our environment. But that is all. We don’t “rise above our genes” to “overcome” our negative propensities. That would require supernatural intervention. The ability to apply effort consistently over time to moderate antisocial behavior is itself a behavior that is the result of the interaction of traits and training. All behavior, whether we declare it success and failure, depends on the combination and timing of these factors; factors which are fortuitous however much intention with which we wish to invest them.

    Training, requires motivation that in turn requires the diction and fiction of free will, but we should not confuse this necessary exhortation with a scientific examination of behavior by concluding with a false message of self-help. We are deterministic organisms operating according to the laws of nature. We seem to ourselves to have free will because evolution has wired us to think this way by making most of our mental processes opaque to the conscious mind. We will, however, retain the fiction of free will until our understanding of and ability to treat brain disorders makes it impossible.

  • Helen

    While this is interesting to learn about I hope that people don’t start using this as an excuse to get away with rape and murder.

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