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High School:  An Exposé of Teenage Cannabis Use

This is a short documentary film produced by Ben Grayzel. It explores the frequency of marijuana use among Grover Cleveland High School students.

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Alternatives to Incarceration

We’re living at a time in which being homeless, being on drugs, or being mentally ill are crimes that can send you to prison.

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NARCO STATE: Inside Mexico’s Drug Cartels

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs. That insatiable appetite needs a supplier, and Mexico is more than happy to comply.

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The Mirror of the Spirit

This compelling documentary reaffirms the power of one of the world’s greatest traditional medicine, ayahuasca.  The film gathers an impressive cast of traditional practitioners, enthusiasts, and Western converts to reveal the essence of the ayahuasca experience.

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What’s in My Baggie?

During the 1920s and early 30s, there were laws in the United States that prohibited the sales, production, transportation, and importation of alcoholic beverages.

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Afghan Overdose

Few people are aware of the fact that over 90% of the world’s black market opium is produced in Afghanistan. Most of that opium ends up in the international drug market and the profits are used to fund organized crime and terrorist groups like ISIS.

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Vice on HBO: Season 2

VICE is a documentary TV series that portrays the sometimes-absurd reality of what’s going on around the world. These are the controversial and intriguing stories that the mainstream media usually overlooks.

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Green Medicine

Green Medicine is a documentary film made by Geek Media, directed by Diego Estay and produced by Paradise Seeds. The film offers insight into the medical cannabis scene in Chile.

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Detox or Die

By 2003, filmmaker David Graham Scott had been addicted to heroin and opiates for 20 years. To free himself of this lifetime of addiction, he decides to try a ‘quick fix’ and take the unlicensed drug, Ibogaine, that had been known to set users free from their addictions after enduring 36 hours of horrendous hallucinations.

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American Addict

This film, based on the book American Addict by Gregory A. Smith, explores the reasons why the United States can represent only 5% of the world’s population and still be the country that consumes the most legal drugs.

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Iboga Nights

In the mid 80s, David Graham Scott started experimenting with film and with drugs. His experiments led him to become an addict with an aimless hollow existence.

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Hallucinogen Honey Hunters

This interesting film takes place in the heart of Nepal where there is an unusual tribe of honey hunters called Gurung.

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The Hidden Enemy

Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda

In spite of the fact that military personnel have access to receiving psychiatric drugs that are allegedly designed to help, there is an average of 23 suicides per day among soldiers in active duty and veterans.

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Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries on earth with widespread poverty and inequality. In Bangladesh prostitution is legal but completely unregulated.

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VICE on HBO: Season 1

VICE is a documentary TV series that travels the world to uncover some of the most intriguing, often controversial, topics that often go uncovered by the mainstream media.

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Kurt & Courtney

On the morning of April 8, 1994, twenty-seven year old music star Kurt Cobain was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head.

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TV Junkie

Making Real Life Isn't Easy

Rick Kirkham was born in Oklahoma City in 1958, into what seemed to be the perfect family. In fact, life was good right up until Rick’s dad went to do three tours in Vietnam.

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Cafe Chavalos

Overcoming the Streets

Chavalos is a term used to refer to the children marred by drug addiction and crime who roam the streets of Granada, the oldest city in Nicaragua.

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American Drug War

The Last White Hope

The War on Drugs initiative which began sometime in the early 1970s, has since become one of the most costly and dangerous political policies of the American system.

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The Forgotten City

In Buffalo there’s more tragedy than words can describe. The city has been demoralized and hatred is rampant. In fact, after the long Super Bowl losing streak people began to call Buffalo “The Cursed City.” People are fighting, but they don’t know what it is that they’re fighting for.

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Skid Row

Skid Row is a 50 to 54-square block area in downtown Los Angeles between 3rd and 7th Streets to the North and South, and Alameda and Main to the East and West.

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Hofmann’s Potion

The Pioneers of LSD

In the late 1930s, while the world was being ravaged by war, a Swiss chemist by the name of Albert Hofmann developed a substance that had a huge impact on the way science viewed the human mind.

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Rollin: The Fall Of The Auto Industry & The Rise Of The Drug Economy In Detroit

Once upon a time, Detroit was the heart of the American Dream. Most of its residents had good Jobs and drove big American-made cars.

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Meth is an amine derivative of amphetamine used in the form of its crystalline hydrochloride to stimulate the Central Nervous System.

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