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  • Drugs, Inc.: Wasted in Seattle

    This National Geographic documentary is about the city of Seattle and its insatiable drug habit. The city’s liberal laws and high demand for drugs is attractive for organized crime gangsters and dealers looking to get rich who have been infiltrating the city in search of profits. The most dangerous and powerful of these crime groups are the Mexican drug cartels. They control 70% of all foreign narcotics entering the United States. The competition between these street dealers is fierce and […]

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  • Facing The Habit

    There are over two million heroin addicts in the United States alone and every day around 500 people try it for the first time. They say that once you get a taste of heroin, it’s impossible to stop. You see your life slipping away, you become someone you don’t recognize anymore, you lie and steal from your loved ones, but still you keep shooting heroin. In this documentary you will see real addicts talk about all that they do to […]

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  • Drug Crazed – USA

    Drug Crazed – USA

    Remember when that “Zombie” in Miami chewed a homeless man’s face off in real life? Think back to early 2012. Yes, that wasn’t a dream. The crazed man, who had to be shot dead, was on a little-known drug at the time. This investigation looks at “bath salts’ and the rising danger in America.

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  • National Geographic: HEROIN

    National Geographic: HEROIN

    A Week in the Life of Heroin. National Geographic flexes their muscles and delve into painting a portrait of a week in the life of heroin. The documentary traces Heroin’s life span: from its birth in an Afghan lab to a police raid in North America.

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