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  • Facing The Habit

    There are over two million heroin addicts in the United States alone and every day around 500 people try it for the first time. They say that once you get a taste of heroin, it’s impossible to stop. You see your life slipping away, you become someone you don’t recognize anymore, you lie and steal from your loved ones, but still you keep shooting heroin. In this documentary you will see real addicts talk about all that they do to […]

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  • Amateur Armstrongs

    Lance Armstrong is a cheater. When he came clean, he blew the lid, once and for all, on a dirty little secret: sports doping. However, there is a far larger problem. The general public also uses performance enhancing drugs.  It is becoming a health crisis. Amateur Armstrongs: enjoy!

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  • Methadonia

    This film follows a group of recovering drug addicts over a period of 18 months at the New York Center for Addiction Treatment Services.

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