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  • One Week Job

    After Sean Aiken graduated from college at the top of his class he discovered that there was one thing he still didn’t know; he had no clue what career he wanted to pursue. Everyone who knew him kept saying that he had a lot of potential, but the big question was where to apply that potential. And so the One Week Job Project was born. Sean decided that for the next 52 weeks, he would try out 52 different jobs. […]

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  • Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum

    Trial By Fire: The New York City Fire Museum

    This particular episode details the history surrounding our heroic firefighters. How did the New York fire department become what it is today? What was used in the 1800′s to put out fires? When was the first fire truck created? All of these questions and more come to life in this captivating film.

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  • Flight of the Aquanaut

    Flight of the Aquanaut

    Set against startling undersea vistas, Flight of the Aquanaut is the gripping tale of a deep diver’s voyage into danger. Equipped with a self-propelled, one-atmosphere “hard suit”, the aquanaut sweeps us along on a dramatic science-adventure.

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  • Heckler


    Jamie Kennedy looks into the world of hecklers, critics and all those who try to mess with what other people are doing.

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  • Infomercials


    Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. Louis attempts to become a presenter on Florida’s Home Shopping Network TV channel and meets the people who invent, sell and make a fortune from products such as the Win Gym.

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  • Off-Off Broadway

    Off-Off Broadway

    Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. – Louis continues his exploration of the weirder fringes of American society, investigating the world of off-Broadway theatre.

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  • The Vaginal Entrepreneur

    The Vaginal Entrepreneur

    Oscar Maroni is the publisher of the Brazilian Penthouse and Hustler, the chaos pilot of the ultimate fighting show, a local politician and a full-time narcissist. Take a look into his world as he tells us about his life and his vision.

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