Political Movements Documentaries

Scotland Yet

A Film About Independence

On September 18, 2014, the people of Scotland voted in a historic referendum that threatened to break apart its 307-year union from the United Kingdom.

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We Are Legion

The Story of Hacktivists

Anonymous, a “hacktivist” collective, assert themselves as the rulers of the Internet and protectors of free speech; they represent a certain type of chaotic freedom.

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Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West

In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Islamic fundamentalism has, in the minds of many, taken the place once held by communism as the leading threat to the safety and security of the industrialized West.

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Greece on the Brink

In Greek Mythology there’s a character called Procrustes who had the habit of cutting off the legs, arms, and heads of his guests if they were too tall or stretching those who were too short to get them to fit into his bed.

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Israel – The Enemy Within?

Israel’s history has been dominated by violence. Israelis are scared of foreign threats – but do their internal tensions post a larger threat to the future of Israel?

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Obama: The Road We’ve Traveled

The Road We Traveled is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY put out by President Barack Obama to help get himself re-elected. As such, this documentary has a serious agenda and begs the question: propaganda or inspired truth?

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Gandhi’s Children

Gandhi’s Children is not a documentary about Gandhi’s next of kin. It is a documentary about his legacy: on India. It is a documentary about where the children of India find themselves today: many decades after Gandhi’s assassination.

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Russia’s Village of Fools

Mikhail Morozov is a Russian patriot, good Christian and successful businessman. He owns Durakovo – the “Village of Fools” – 100 km southwest of Moscow.

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Please Vote For Me

Chinese Director Weijun Chen’s charming film takes us into the world of Chinese schoolchildren, learning about democracy for the first time as they try to vote for their class monitor.

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