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  • The Battle For Haiti

    On January 12, 2010 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale shook the very core of Haiti and devastated this small Caribbean country to the point of near total destruction. While the talking heads of the world speculated on the causes of the quake’s overwhelming effect, many world leaders were touched by the unimaginable suffering and were led to make bold promises of restoration and solidarity. Haiti was going to receive billions of dollars in aid […]

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  • Terminal Bar

    Terminal Bar

    The building that accommodated The Terminal Bar is set in the middle of one of the dirtiest, toughest, wildest neighborhoods in New York. It’s an area where anything can happen, and does.  It’s not unusual to see bums staggering down the street grabbing on to posts and trash cans for support, street hustlers boldly offering their illegal goods, well-dressed business people rushing by, and teenagers darting across the street trying to dodge traffic. Yet in spite of the unattractiveness of […]

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  • Educating Black Boys

    Educating Black Boys

    Join DocumentaryStorm, Tony Harris, and Al Jazeera as we go into Baltimore, into the inner city, into the classrooms, and into the head of black boys of America. The education system is failing black Americans. Why? You’ll be fascinated by what you see.

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  • For Sale: The American Dream

    For Sale: The American Dream

    Owning a home has always been the centerpiece to the American Dream. That dream has turned sour.

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  • Fascination California

    Fascination California

    This documentary is about California: The Great State of the Union that has become the 8th largest economy in the world – larger than all of Canada. Why do people love California? Why do some despite what they stand for?  

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  • Once Upon a Rooftop

    Once Upon a Rooftop

    Once Upon a Rooftop: The world of the Hong Kong rooftops. There is a whole underworld that lives over the world.  PBS invites the viewer to a land of fan dancers, fire breathers, and young students.

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  • Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA

    Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA

    Slab City, also just knows as The Slabs, is a one of kind community. It might be one of the only places in the United States where laws and regulations aren’t enforced. Attracting Vietnam Veteran, homeless people, and other drifters, its residents have built a society that works in its own special way.

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  • Witness: Eviction on Millionaire Street

    Witness: Eviction on Millionaire Street

    St. Petersburgh. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703. Home of Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and the Tsar.  Renamed “Leningrad’ under Stalin. Enter a society of millionaires and families trying to hold on to their coveted real estate in a capitalistic market.  25 minutes long.

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  • Al Jazeera Witness: Daughters of the Brothel

    Al Jazeera Witness: Daughters of the Brothel

    This is the remarkable story of Naseema, who at a young age was abandoned from both her mother and father. She was taken in and raised by a woman she calls her ‘grandmother’. Although they are not of blood relation, this woman reveals on camera that Naseema is the only one she has ever loved. 26 minutes long.

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  • The Interrupters

    The Interrupters won BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Independent Spirit Awards. It is easy to see why. The Interrupters takes the viewer on an intimate and uncomfortable journey through extremely dangerous gang territory.  The documentary is shot through the eyes of those trying to sow peace and security in the area.

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  • The Vice Guide to The Congo

    The Vice Guide to The Congo

    From the comfort of your computer, embark on a journey to The Democratic Republic of Congo, notorious for being one of the most dangerous, poorest, and corrupt countries on the planet. The folks at Vice Magazine visit the Congo to try and understand first-hand how the Congolese society has been turned upside down.

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  • Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown

    Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown

    Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown is a brand new documentary by PBS that looks at Japan’s Nuclear fallout following the March, 2011 9.0 Earthquake that rocked the coastline and provoked a devastating Tsunami.  PBS revisits the devastated country a year later and interviews the survivors and witnesses. THIS IS THEIR STORY

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