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  • T-Shirt Travels

    T-Shirt Travels is a PBS documentary that explains how secondhand clothing, given away as charity, from the West finds its way to Zambia in Africa. This documentary is part of a wider series entitled “Global Voices,” which showcases internationally themed documentaries made by independent filmmakers from around the world.  This particular documentary is an exploration of charity and third-world debt, as the film uses the platform of the garment industry to explore various facets of the economic environment. The film […]

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  • A Shining Light

    A Shining Light

    Journeyman Pictures presents, “A Shining Light,” a short film of only 11 minutes following Illac Diaz who began a project called “Liter of Light.” The film takes place in the slums of Manila, Philippines in August of 2012. Illac Diaz takes us on a tour of the slums of Manila. We follow him into homes, churches, and even a jail. Illac’s project is recycling plastic bottles which will outlive all future generations to come sitting in a landfill or end […]

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  • The Empire in Africa

    Sierra Leone sits in Western Africa. It is a nation caught between crushing poverty and wealth beyond the imagination of most people on earth.  Diamonds are ripe in the land and harvested by the Western World. In 1991, a civil war broke out. Enough was enough.

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  • A Walk to Beautiful

    A Walk to Beautiful is an award-winning feature documentary about five Ethiopian women reclaiming their dignity. Rejected by their husbands, having undergone horrifying childbirths, and alone, these women go on a walk and find true beauty.

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  • The Day After Peace

    Against all the odds Jeremy Gilley manages to create an annual global ‘Peace Day’; but can he inspire an actual ceasefire and silence the cynics by proving the day can actually save lives?

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