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  • A Fighting Chance

    A FIGHTING CHANCE, an ESPN Film, is the story of Kyle Maynard, a young man born without arms or legs who lives his life with no excuses. Kyle is an extraordinary individual. There are very few things that he can’t do. He’s not held back by his physical limitations at all. Watch him pulling groceries off shelves, dialing a number on his cell phone, driving a car, even signing a voucher. If he were to be judged solely by his […]

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  • Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance

    Get acquainted with the fight sport known as Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, in this hour-long documentary film. Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance, originally filmed in 2002 and narrated by British actor Jason Statham, takes us on a voyage to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, to learn about Muay Thai and what it means to those that practice it. Originally used in battlefields and only then eventually developing into a ring sport, today Muay Thai is in the […]

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  • The Vice Guide to Travel: Takanakuy

    The Vice Guide to Travel: Takanakuy

    Do you think you’re tough? Let’s take a trip to the mountains of Peru and see how these hypermasculine folks bottle up their personal grudges all year long and then on Christmas day battle it out in the middle of town.

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  • Strictly Baby Fight Club

    Strictly Baby Fight Club

    This powerful documentary offers a rare insight into children’s Thai boxing, which is one of the fastest growing martial arts in the UK, with over 500 registered clubs.

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