City Under the Sea: the future of humanity?

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The Earth has its share of problems: too many humans live on its crust. There are earthquakes, hurricanes, and tidal waves. Humans are looking for alternatives. Space is often mentioned, but the far more realistic new world is under the sea. Meet the scientists who believe that submerged colonies are imminent. There is a ready supply of food, a way to harness oxygen and the sun. Logically, and financially, the sea is the next frontier of human exploration.

Technology is being developed and trips plotted. Come and learn about your children’s future!

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  • Welcome to Rapture.

  • leighsydneychina

    The Rapture…. right… when is that going to happen again? Well, there will be plenty of free clothes afterwards….

    • Dork

      He is making a reference to the award winning video game BioShock.

  • Dork

    Welcome to SeaQuest!

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