Famous in 31 Days

7.8/10 based on 3 votes

Feeling unhappy at work and experiencing a midlife crisis, the film’s subject quits his job and tries to become nationally recognizable in a month’s time.

John Gerard, abandons his job, cashes in everything he has, hops into his car (decorated with enormous lettering that advertises his goal-and the film’s title) and goes on a 31-day, cross-country trip, hoping to create so much publicity along the way that he’ll end up a guest of Jay Leno and become an instant celebrity.

Will Gerard achieve his dream?

Released in 2007. 77 min. Director: John Gerard. Documentary film.

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Discuss This Documentary

  • Jens

    This doc is not worth watching…

  • Sloth

    Do not waste your time watching this. Really dont

  • Felix

    I wish I could like it more, I dont.

  • Elisa

    I wish I had read the comments before wasting a little bit of my day on this poor mans monotone joke of a journey.

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