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After watching Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me, comedian and former health writer, Tom Naughton had a few problems with the conclusions that the film presented. When Spurlock, in Super Size Me, decides to spend one month eating just McDonald’s food, he not only gains a huge amount of weight, but sees his moods fluctuate and his cholesterol soar. Taking on Spurlock’s own experiment as a dare, Naughton proved that you could actually lose weight and lower your cholesterol on a diet of fries and burgers. Beyond using his own experience as a centerpiece of the film, he interviews doctors and nutritionists who weigh in on the issue. Shedding light on an already complicated obesity and health problem, Naughton demonstrates how a low-calorie diet works and the importance of feeling full instead of going hungry.

Approaching a rather serious subject with a good dose of humor, this documentary is an enlightening counterpoint to many other recent films about the food and diet industry. It offers the other side of the coin, framed in a very entertaining format. Naughton approaches his challenge with curiosity, passion and knowledge. Unwilling to just rely on broad generalizations and so called common sense; he delves just a bit deeper to find his answers.

This film in conversation with other food documentaries just goes to prove that our assumptions are not always correct and that the issue of health is far more complicated than we might believe. Does that mean that Naughton’s thesis is the correct and ultimate response to obesity and diet? Not necessarily. It’s just that diet and health is a bit more nuanced than “McDonald’s = bad.” This is a film that suggests that making choices about health is about being informed and asking the right questions. It is not simply following one diet or another, but actively engaging with the practice of healthy eating and health education.

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  • kal

    I feel stupid after watching- not worth your time!



  • rorry

    I am thankful that the last 2 commenters are smart enough to put this movie down. Pretty sure this guys gonna end up with cancer or a heart complication. Some of the “experts” he was interviewing are also selling specail pills that will help your brain not be effected by the harmful cellphone radiation going on in the world today. Just some more gimmick pushers angling for support from big industry pushers. Don’t waste your time.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be discouraged by the reviews. Watch the film and judge for yourself. If for anything, watch it to debunk the obesity myth and Super Size Me.

    • BlogZilla

      Debunk the obesity myth? keep eating that fast food idiot

  • Mathias

    A very stupid documentary. He talks against himself several times.

    An example:

    He claims that junk food commercial doesn’t affect children, because if the kids got fat, the parents would make them exercise (which he founds out by asking his mom and two random people on the street by asking leading questions).

    He then claims that the problem why kids get fat, is because the parents pick them up and let them play video games, and that this should be some kind of “proof” that junk food commercial isn’t the one to blame.

    Alright, so the parents have the strength to refuse a child candy in the store, but doesn’t have enough strength to turn off their Xbox???

    The whole documentary is packed with this stupidity. Don’t watch.

    (though, I do agree with some points, for example that McDonalds itself doesn’t create fat people, but that it is a part of the whole culture)

    • I think you missed the point. Its about diet and the types of food and how and why they affect ones system, making you fat. And he is right about many of the children today, they are lazy compared to my generation who did not have computers mobile phones xboxes etc… We played all day long, we were far more physical and there were very few fast food restaurants. Also it used to be very unusual to eat out.. it was a treat; so yes much of the reason why children get fat is because of the parents and diets that dont take in to account what sugar in its pure form and carbohydrates do. He is not advocating this diet he is proving a point and an important one too. Understand what you are eating and what it does to your body and take responsibility….. Dont blindly believe the experts or your government.. I think it is a good documentary and very well done and explained well..

  • Adam

    Yeah, wow. What an idiot. It really not about being fat. How about carbon footprint or nutrition. Seriously harmful documentary.

  • anonymous

    Naughton is easily one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever come across. It would be a different story if he had respectable evidence against Spurlocks Super-Size Me, but Naughton was rude and mocking Spurlock in a completely unprofessional and stupid way. He dismisses important facts like “we also heard an interesting theory about saturated fat and sexual performance we’ll just file under the category of too much information”.

  • Anonymous

    Laughing my ass off at these other comments, look at all the Supersize Me dickriders’ butthurt. The guy uses actual facts to backup his theories which Spurlock never did. I guess ignorance is bliss.

  • julie

    I thought it was interesting, even though I would never eat like that to lose weight he makes a lot of really good points.

  • Scheldon Fernandes

    Smart, provocative and full of comparable data.

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