A Stunning Visual Portrayal of Earth

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In just a relatively short period of time, humans have managed to disrupt the balance that is essential to life. Earth is the perfect distance from the sun, so its atmosphere allows it to conserve water in liquid form. The earth’s atmosphere is a cycle of constant renewal.

The engine of life is linkage. Everything is linked; nothing is self-sufficient. Water and air are inseparable, for instance.

Our Earth relies on a balance in which every living being has a role to play. Every being can exist only because of the existence of another being. This fact makes the Earth a miracle and makes life a mystery.

Families of animals form and become united by customs and rituals that have been handed down through generations. Every species has a role to play and every species has its place. None is futile or harmful because they all balance out.

Humans benefit from a fabulous legacy bestowed by the Earth. Despite human’s vulnerability, they have managed to conquer and transform almost every single habitat, taking advantage of animals that help them to discover new territories.

Then along came agriculture, which transformed history and became the first great revolution. It resulted in the first surpluses and gave birth to cities and civilizations. There was no more need to scrabble for food and conquering the world was no longer a far-fetched dream because now the stomachs were full.

Agriculture is still the world’s most widespread occupation; half of humankind tills the soil and most do it by hand. It’s a tradition handed down from generation to generation because it has become a prerequisite of survival.

Across the planet, one person in four still lives only relying on energy sources provided by nature, but in these communities life expectancy is short and education is a rare privilege.

When humankind found a way to tap into the energy that was buried deep in the earth, once again there was change. This time the change was more radical than had ever happened before. The discovery of fossil fuels and coal meant that humans could then break free of the shackles of time and hard labor.

In the last 60 years, the earth’s population has almost tripled and in just a few decades many small villages have been transformed into vibrant cities with skyscrapers.

The United States was the first to harness the revolutionary power of black gold. Machines replaced men because one liter of oil is able to generate as much energy as 100 pairs of hands in 24 hours.

That’s probably where it all began: the depletion of natural resources, toxic pesticides penetrating the air and ground, fertilizers that cause unbalance, and the ever increasing demand for meat. Watch this film now.

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