Horizon: How Mad Are You?

Part 1

Ten volunteers have come together for an extraordinary test. Five are ‘normal’ and the other five have been officially diagnosed as mentally ill. Horizon asks if you can tell who is who, and considers where the line between sanity and madness lies.

This is a small excerpt. We are still looking for the full documentary.

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  • Viking

    I liked this very much. My favorites were Yasmin and Alex. Nice job, gals! I most certainly would feel confident with Yasmine on my paintball team, and I’m simply impressed with Alex being a teacher. That is a hellaciously difficult and thankless profession. Y’all rock! :)

  • http://www.getagirlhowto.com Mr. James

    I don’t know. It’s quite difficult to judge. If I were in that crowd, I think I would be one of the sane one who’d go totally crazy in the end.