How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth?

49 minutes 7.6/10

When veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke died in 2004 few suspected that he was yet to uncover his greatest story. What happened to his body as it lay in a funeral home would reveal a story of modern day grave robbery and helped smash a body-snatching ring that had made millions of dollars by chopping up and selling-off over 1000 bodies. Dead bodies have become big business.

Each year millions of people’s lives are improved by the use of tissue from the dead. Bodies are used to supply spare parts, and for surgeons to practice on. This documentary investigates the medical revolution that has created an almost insatiable demand for body parts and uncovers the growing industry and grisly black market that supplies human bodies for a price.

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  • Shelley Sargent

    This was a fantastic watch! I have a grandmother (Memaw) who passed away in January of 2010 and had donated her body to science (as she had her husband, my Pawpaw in 1999) and I was blessed enough to have the ability to contact the school actually received her body. They said she was going to be used that summer for teaching occupational therapy students. Then, she told me that they have a memorial service after they are done, and the students write letters to the donor (Memaw) thanking her for allowing them to experience the real body and to help them, help others. She sent me the letters once my Memaw was cremated and returned to us to inter. I’d 100% donate my body!

  • skubaduk

    Evil, greedy people will always exist until Jesus returns. I believe one of the final decent actions we can take is the donation of our bodies. I have been diagnosed with bone cancer. My will and my wishes are that a medical school will accept my body to train future medical personnel.

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