How Smart Are Animals?

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How Smart Are Animals? Scientists are rapidly discovering that some animals are smarter than humans when it comes to certain measurements of intelligence. The dolphin, the dog, the chimpanzee, and more are investigated for their intelligence and potential.

A dog who understands more than 1,000 words? A Dolphin who can read? Animals who can figure out twist-top jars? Just how smart are animals? The answers will amaze you (as they should, since we aren’t as smart as we think we are!).

The intelligence of animals is investigated. The report features a canine that possesses a vocabulary of more than 1000 words; a mollusk that can retrieve shrimp from a twist-top jar; and dolphins that are able to interpret written symbols.

PBS’s popular NOVA show first aired this documentary.

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  • Bruce

    Frustrating, cant watch it full screen, and if I go to the site, then I can watch it at all.

  • Br0tal

    well F**k you pbs just because im a swede

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