How to Build a Beating Heart

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It is almost time for humanity to start building humans. The stuff of science fiction has become more of an ethical debate than a theoretical one. Science is on the cusp of producing a limitless supply of body parts. Damaged, aging skin?  Botox has nothing on this.

Using human cell technology, scientists are no longer imagining a time when we can customize the human body and grow limbs like tomatoes.  Having famously cloned a sheep, the next frontier is the human body.  Cloning is not the target market. Rather,  the demand comes from those who are already living wanting to regenerate their body parts.

The technology has the ability to eliminate birth defects, prosthetic limbs, and even organs.

National Geographic has put together a fine documentary. It delves deep into the science of tissue engineering.

National Geographic delves into the science of tissue engineering and tracks how scientists are beginning to harness the body’s natural powers to grow skin, muscle, body parts and vital organs, even hearts. If we can grow our own hearts: what does that mean for humanity?

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  • Domo

    Man is the commentator a lisper of epic proportions. better grow him a new tongue

  • Videoeyes

    Incredible and promising scientific
    advances its ideas like this that I wish more $ was invested in as to where it’s at; war. It
    could be useful in so many ways and exploring space.
    THx 4 the this 1 DocuStorm…^V^!!!

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