Human, All Too Human: Jean-Paul Sartre

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Jean-Paul Sartre’s abstract ideas, grounded in everyday life, crystallized the mood of the times and became both a rallying point for youth and a touchstone for reaction to world events.

This program uses archival footage; accounts by some of Sartre’s close friends, including Olivier Todd, Jean Pouillon, and Michelle Vian; and interviews with Jonathan Ree, Baroness Mary Warnock, Patrick Vaudey, Bernard Levy, and other experts to analyze Sartre’s life and existential outlook from the vantage point of World War II and its aftermath. Dramatized excerpts of Nausea and No Exit underscore Sartre’s themes of alienation and commitment and offer a glimpse of his vision of hell.

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  • Aherne

    DocumentaryStorm Human-All to Human-JPSartre.

    I became aware of JPS-in 1976-as an Philosophy/Psychology undergraduate.
    Interesting individual; and this was a useful documentary primer on the person, and his time.

    That said-

    re narration on Documentary

    I no longer wish to be
    irritated by Anglo Saxon-and indeed Celtic inablity not only to speak
    another language-but to pronounce simple words from that ‘other’ language.

    Briefly, the narrator, could (for her fee) have seen the need to speak the
    name of the subject ‘Sartre’ properly.

    She could have noticed Prof.Levi said ‘Sart -with a fall of intonation-for
    the remaining syllable. It’s not diificult.

    I know some might say
    ‘quelle différence cela fait-il’-but it does to me.

    Now, admittedly I sound elitist or pedantic; but no more, and in my opinion
    far less -than those who are guilty of this annoying shortcoming.

    How many times I ask you-over the course of the last decade, or three,
    have you heard some highly paid ****presenter; reviewer; -on some panel show say ‘film noir’as film nuor ‘and -bete noir’-similarly;and any.
    number of cliche phrases- with careless and faulty abandon. Unwittingly

    Many well paid broadcasters in my country-who evidently, have enjoyed for
    a generation the frequent weekend in Paris: are sadly deficient in this
    regard, but to listen to them on Lyric FM -or RTE 1-one would be led to
    believe they consider themselves ‘fluent’ . Oui–Fluent only in the glib
    and oily art to speak and purpose not’, –
    comme disait Shakespeare!

    Since the seemingly highly educated class in Ireland and the UK; and the
    US-cannot find ‘le juste mot’ amid the noise to ‘sound’ clever;-perhaps
    they ought to leave the ‘mot’ alone.

    M. Aherne

    • 19thebull

      You, M Aherne, are an arrogant commenter on this documentary.

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