Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

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Shortly after the unfortunate events that rocked the globe on September 11, 2001, The Gallup Organization made the startling decision to create a poll that would show the world what was really going on in the minds of Muslims around the world. There was no political or even social agenda, just the desire to act as a bridge between the Muslim world and the Western world. This thought-provoking documentary explores the process and results of this poll.

This endeavor turned out to be the most extensive public opinion poll ever taken of the Muslim world. What most people fail to realize is that Muslims can be found in every country and every language. Only about 15% of Muslims are Arabs, and contrary to popular belief, not all Arabs are Muslims. The majority of Muslims can be found in Asia, with India having the second largest Muslim population in the world.

What the media portrays of Muslims is mostly negative and violent, when in fact militants only make up 1% of the entire group. Because of this distorted view, the Gallup organization wanted to find out what is important to ordinary Muslims, what are their values? What do they respect about their own society?

And so representatives went from door to door, reaching 90% of the global Muslim population. They interviewed people from Asia, the former Soviet Union, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa in an attempt to learn what matters to Muslims.

The poll covered a huge range of topics with the main goal of allowing their voices to be heard. In the words of Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director and Senior Analyst for Muslim Studies at Gallup Center, “It’s only by hearing the voices of ordinary people that we can engage the world based on fact, not fear.”

Watch this documentary to get a better understanding of what the Muslim world really believes.

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  • VideoEyes

    Very well done Documentary, Informative, Good production & presentation, nice job…^V^!

    • R P Sinha

      Why do we not keep religion a private affair? Why do we display it on our head? Are we not better without religion? I do not need it and am confident that I am not a less better person than those who advocate it and embrace also. I am always fine without it. Killing anybody in the name of religion, who ever it is, by no means can be ethical.

      I do not need any religion. I am always better without it.

  • indie666

    Great documentary the fact that 7% of all muslims see 9-1-1 as totally justified is strange I wish they had gone into more detail as to why this was the case.

    • chad

      I agree. 7% of 1.6 billion is not insignificant when it comes to the number of Muslims willing to support and/or act on mass slaughter of innocents. Moreover, when you combine that number with the twos, the threes and the fours who are somewhere in the middle on the idea (only 57% condemn it outright?!)…call me crazy but I am not encouraged. Also, I would love to see scholars and documentarians film a documentary on Christianity that is this uncritical and gushing with sympathy. Something tells me they would set the bar of acceptability a little higher. Also, to compare Timothy McVeigh and the Ku Klux Klan with an international, global terror network within Islam, as they do in this film, is utterly insane. That they allowed this comparison without criticism is completely irresponsible.

  • Mark Boldizsar

    You keep saying understand our Islam and the peaceful majority we do not want Islam at all,I wish you would just practice your Religion and keep it to yourselves, integrate into our society!. This documentary is yet again a promotion of Religion,Just keep it private.

  • hawstom

    Very depressing documentary. We have a long way to go.

  • Marie

    Great documentary! This information is crucially needed for all of us to understand. Understanding FACTS and not what the “media machine” wants us to believe is vital for us to wake up, address the cancers that we’ve spread overseas (through war), and create dialogue that leads to acceptance for us to truly feel safe and to ideally achieve what we all want for ourselves and our children in our American societies.

  • Krock

    I don’t understand why they want everything to be done by USA . Why don’t they change them self and make an better community inside there country itself instead of asking USA to do it. and one important message not shown in this documentry is Muslims are not happy at all in there country they are just happy in USA and EUROPE its because there religion is hard against all human freedom..

  • Asma

    Keep your religions to your side,every religion is special in its own way,and please whatever the religion it may be,we are brothers and sisters and do not make waste documentaries like this and hurt other religions

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