Insiders: The House with a Star

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Urban exploration is becoming increasingly more popular these days. People all over the world illegally prowl rooftops, abandoned sheds, basements, tunnels, and bomb shelters just to get that adrenaline kick. Old buildings, especially, have many nooks and crannies that many workers know nothing about so they offer great adventures to invaders.

Urban explorers perform many hazardous stunts and risky moves that literally put their lives in danger, but it’s worth it. The rewards come in different forms, usually in the form of breath-taking views from unexplored places.

In this episode, Dmitry Gromov takes on The House With a Star, a magnificent structure in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine from the time of Stalin. This skyscraper was built in 1954 and it is still one of the most recognizable and monumental buildings in the city.

Dmitry’s objective in this expedition is to get to the rooftop, climb to the highest part and stand next to the five-pointed star.

Get a taste of history as you follow Dmitry and his crew through a complex network of walls and staircases. You’ll be amazed at how he crawls through narrow spaces, walks across high rooftops, and climbs monuments using no protective equipment. An emergency worker once said to him that if he falls it would be easier to paint over him than to scoop him up. Watch this film now.

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  • BriAZ

    ?? Does he have a job, is asking has he accepted slavery? Good for him go for it. He is not a boring person, thankfully.

  • Yoel Lazarus

    Well, I have a biochemistry degree, and a a.s in aviation maintenance, and once in awhile if I happen to find an abandoned place, e.g. abandoned industrial sites, monasteries, missile silos-Roswell NM has plenty of such, I go in and explore them. I love the the post time of such places. That said, if someone does not know the background of the artist/explorer, no one should ever assume or question his/her background, etc. At least he’s doing something fascinating; but that’s my humble opinion.


    • lala

      I dont think you understand how health insurance works (or logic or laws). Chain smokers with lung cancer get treatment, even though their illness is clearly their fault.

  • james oneal

    Good to see fearless urban adventurers

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