Into Great Silence

162 minutes 8.8/10 based on 29 votes

Into Great Silence is a French Documentary film released in 2005. This edition has no subtitles, nor does it need it. The documentary is an exploration of silence and spirituality.

In this contemplative documentary from filmmaker Philip Gröning, the Grande Chartreuse monastery opens its doors to the public for the first time since being founded by St. Bruno in 1084 to offer an intimate look at a lifestyle rarely experienced by those outside of the brotherhood. Located in the remote regions of the French Alps, near the Dauphiné Alps, the Grande Chartreuse is the top monastery of the Carthusian order.

In this documentary, the lives of the pious monks of Grande Chartreuse are captured on film as director Groening adapts to their ascetic lifestyle for six months and captures their daily life without the intrusion of voice-over, musical score, interviews, or archival footage.

The first words spoken in the film is after 19 minutes of silence. These words form the song “Nocturno.”

GD Star Rating
Rating: 8.8/10 based on 29 votes

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  • Log

    I liked this film. I’m pretty sure it’s not for everyone since it’s very slow, though.

  • Rice

    Intricate and deep. Great work.

  • goforit

    Silence is golden and the still, small voice continues to speak; I, for one Christian feel they do not pray in vain. Speaking with Him openly as we have seen here encourages us all.

  • Pam

    A brilliant visual meditation that silently seduces and immerses the viewer into the graceful simplicity and humility of the contemplative way of life. It awakens one to the sacredness of the ordinary, the possibility of incorporating contemplative practices into the mundane, and is a witness to the transformative power of these practices on those who surrender to them.

  • Crystal Hooper

    a meditation…….profound silence, so rare these days…wonderful

  • The power of silence …

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