Islam: Empire of Faith

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Episode 1: The Messenger

What is Islam? Who is Muhammad? This is the first of 3 part documentary narrated by Ben Kingsley about Islam and attempts to answer these questions. This part deals with the life of the Prophet Muhammad, his early life, his encounter with God Almighty and the birth of the Islam.

Islam would become the revitalizing force of a barbaric Arabia, returning people to God and bringing back the monotheistic message of Christianity and Judaism in its most powerful way. Islam Women were given rights over there husbands, racism was annihilated and the rich were made equal to the poor.

Episode 2: The Awakening

This part relates the golden age of Islam. A time of great learning when Europe was steeped in the Dark Ages. The building of great works of architecture, reading, writing, mathematics, medicine, and astronomy. Even before the printing press Muslims would have hundreds of scribes writing all at once so they would learn and reproduce the writings.

Episode 3: The Ottomans

This portion deals with the growing Ottoman Empire, which would control the bridge between 3 continents: Africa, Europe and Asia. This empire would begin at the close of the Crusades until World War I, from the 1300s to 1923. They would rule the entire Middle East and make there way into Europe. Before there was the state of Israel, there was great peace in the Holy Land regulated by the Ottomans.

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  • Lee Donaldson

    I cannot praise this documentary highly enough Doc Storm.

    This brilliant documentary is probably the best documentary I have ever seen in my life.
    Words to properly praise it fail me…….However!
    I will at some future time, but I want to watch it a few times more first. just to watch & listen too savour & enjoy it.

    Well Done & thanks for posting.

    • Haider Gildred

      I agree it very well done and in a day and age in which there is so much ignorance and misunderstanding in the west over what is Islam and what does it stand for and with all the negative media press against Muslims and Islam this is a truly much needed documentary to show the true face of Islam and the contributions to the modern world! Without Islam we might still be in the dark ages.

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