Israel – The Enemy Within?

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Israel’s history has been dominated by violence. Israelis are scared of foreign threats – but do their internal tensions post a larger threat to the future of Israel?

Last summer, almost 500,000 people protested inequalities. It was the largest demonstration in Israeli history. Israel may be on the verge of its own Arab Spring. The divide between secular and orthodox Jews intensifies. Will the inner turmoils between Israelis pose a larger threat to the future of Israel? Why is there so much dissent between Zionists? Should the State be defined as Israeli or Jewish? Can the two identities be separated?

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  • madscirat

    Candid, sincere and gripping. The moderator is AMAZING, relaxed enough to let the true feelings of the participants rise to the surface, but controlled enough to give the discussion a clear direction. Probably the most eyeopening interview I have ever seen on the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • jhaydee

    Props to the moderator, good work.

  • BReal

    There was so much wrong with this, I’m not sure where to start, so I will just say this. One of the BIGGEST reasons Israel was created was to protect the Jews, who were being MURDERED in Russia and all over Europe. That is why there is a JEWISH state. When you critique that you critique the necessity of defending a persecuted people who were suffering genocide. I’m not surprised though, because Al Jazeera has worked to spread anti-western propaganda for a long time.

    • Plonkette

      Actually the first jewish state would have been somewhere in the united states, but they wanted to stabilize the middle east. Nothing stabilizes a number of countries such as a common enemy. Thats why isreal is there. If you want to make a safe haven, you dont force it into the middle of a bunch of people who hate you.

    • Jonny

      How is this spreading anti-western propaganda? They’re letting Israelis speak for themselves.

    • NaN

      excuse me? what the crap are you smoking, cause I want some too. So the Jews got murdered in Europe – and to get retribution, they murdered the natives that have been living in the holy land, took over their lands and set up their own Jewish state, completely ignoring that people, mind you, not animals, already lived where they wanted to.

  • minxgraff


  • girsson

    Racist Jewish supremacism must be shielded from frank exposure. Look then at the international Jews who are members of such a state, and see the same Jewish selfishness and conniving — voila, the “financial crisis”.


      there is a big difference between Israelis and What I would call jews (Zionist/ Extremists/ fundamentalists) such as BiBi who is the later

  • It’s really difficult to agree on ongoing issues when you sit at the table and scream at each other, call each other liars, are openly racist, openly deny Palestinians right to live with the same rights as the Israelis, when you don’t see anything wrong with taking land that is not yours and calmly let people think you’re simply entitled to it….

    I don’t think i have ever seen bigger egos sitting at the same table at once.
    They all want to talk about a solution, yet their ego is way too big to compromise, so we are back to square 1.

    If the housing was the real issue, then they should build vertically, build as high up as you can, not horizontally on Palestinian land. That would be a lot wiser.

  • Roxanne Questi

    now you see why we hate that woman

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