Jimi Hendrix: The Uncut Story

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This film will satisfy true fans that are searching for historical details and insight on the life of a legend. The heartfelt tributes and stories shared by family, friends, music industry gurus, and fellow musicians about the legendary guitarist will provide you with a glimpse into the life and mind of a true genius. The film turns the spotlight back on the life on Jimi Hendrix like never before.

Hendrix is just one more on a growing list of artists that have been swept away too soon, long before he received the full recognition his work deserved. But his legacy and his music live forever.

He was born at 2:15 am on November 27, 1942 at what used to be King County Hospital. His mother, Lucille, named him Johnny Allen but his father changed his name years later to James Marshall. Fans came to know him as Jimi Hendrix.

BB King declares confidently that Hendrix was the number one rock and roll guitarist. Les Paul calls him a ‘wild man’ and a master at breaking conventions, a man who showed the world that he could do anything on his guitar. Juma Sultan says he is the most outstanding performer of creative music ever to hit the planet. He was proficient technically, musically and spiritually, according to P.P. Arnold.

The real source of Jimi’s greatness is perhaps his message of love. His songs spoke about a depth of enlightenment that he was searching for or trying to achieve.

Jimi Hendrix lost his mother when he was only fifteen. Ironically, that was the same year when he received his first guitar. He was devastated by her death and he expressed his grief through his music. Jimi used his guitar as a medium to process his pain and the memory of her love. His song ‘Angel’ was written for his mother.

Jimi Hendrix’s friends, family, and neighbors remember him as a shy and funny guy who loved to tell jokes and make people laugh. He kept his guitar with him all the time and he was always playing it. In fact, he would wake up in the morning with the guitar on his chest. It should come as no surprise that Jimi became such a talented musician and has even been called the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock and roll. Hendrix received many awards both during his lifetime and posthumously. Watch his story now.

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  • vtorialyn@yahoo.com

    I feel like this documentary just abruptly ended. And it’s a really great doc! Dang. They definitely could have taken it further. I thought this would go up to his death. Now that I feel like I’m just hanging, I’ll have to go find another doc on him to have some type of finish.

  • spontaneous

    I agree

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