The Ku Klux Klan: A Secret Society

89 minutes 8.8/10 based on 15 votes

Waxing and waning in popularity over the decades, the Klan is the proverbial phoenix, rising from the ashes to gain membership and popularity when it seems to be extinguished.

This History Channel documentary chronicles the history of the Klan, from its inception as a political organization trying to cope with the realities of emancipation and the defeat of the South in the Civil War to the modern-day Klan, which continues its legacy of hate and violence under the banner of Americanism and Christianity.

Ku Klux Klan, A Secret History contains some graphic images and language that might be inappropriate for younger viewers.

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  • blackLiquid

    Wow incredible I have seen a lot of documentaries on the KKK but I have to say think that this one was the best from a historical point of view I learned a lot of things that I hadn’t known before about the origins and the shocking numbers of support in the 1920’s really staggering.

  • Easter Bunny Blues

    What a truly remarkable documentary, this is going straight in on one of the best documentaries I have ever seen on the history of the klan. Bravo!

  • Me

    I have to agree with what the other commentors previously said. This is fully intriguing and informative yet horrific and disturbing all wrapped up in the best documentary I’ve ever watched about the KKK.

  • Yassine Abdi

    I have to agree that its scary that ignorance was and still that popular in 2011. Its a part of wath human being is i guess!

  • Yassine Abdi

    Lool! very funny by the way the hangin arms in the air like Hitler(nazi) wish actually was their 1st enemy in the second WW. And also the cross that they seem to like so much , Jesus was from middle east you stupid ,that we call falestine or Israel depending on your point of veiw.
    I guess that none education and stupidity is pushing ignorant poeple to act physicaly violent as an option as they don’t have the USE YOUR BRAIN OPTION.

  • deep

    Well i read about these clans thought they no longer exist ,but they still exist. Just at the end of documentary i heard an man saying he got no problem if a black man is killed well i don`t how these kind of persons filled with extreme hate violence still exists in this century & it`s funny though how these klans have always used christianity & jesus while neither preached voilence . If laden got killed for terrorism no wonder these guys should be killed too.

    • Olivier

      If you believe so, you are the most ignorant person i know, this century is no different than the others, lynchings still exist, although they might be more secretive, the Mississippi state has in fact reported certain lynchings. Racism will always be a part of society, and it will vary in degree, but always will be

      • Bob

        Please show us evidence of this Olivier…. I live here and have not heard anything on any channel where blacks were missing that led to this fact most have ran away and found…. others killed by blacks some drugs and some from arguments… but hangings…. There was one a few years ago that turned out to be done by an other black in an argument about a girl….

  • grrhcowboy

    the klan will never go away it will always be there weather they are known or not and will always be part of southern culture liked or not



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