Kurt & Courtney

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On the morning of April 8, 1994, twenty-seven year old music star Kurt Cobain was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head. There was 1.52 mg of heroine in his system. He had allegedly committed suicide and had left a suicide note addressed to his childhood imaginary friend, his family, and his fans stating that he was tired of dealing with the difficulties that come as a consequence of success. The news of his death devastated his fans and traffic literally stopped for hours in his hometown in Seattle as thousands gathered to pay homage to this brilliant musician and to comfort each other.

Many conspiracy theories have emerged since his death; a number of his fans still believe that Kurt was murdered and they point a finger at those closest to him, including his wife at the time. In fact one hit man, who later died under suspicious circumstances, says he was offered money to get rid of Kurt. However, his aunt Mary, with whom he shared a close friendship, describes him as an unstable person. She recalls an instance when Kurt was about seventeen that she came across some lyrics he had written for a song he called Seaside Suicide. She says that after reading those lyrics she was left with the impression that Kurt had tried suicide before.

As Kurt’s relationship with Courtney struggled, his childhood nightmares resurfaced. The loneliness, the betrayal, and the sense of abandonment he had experienced after his parents divorced seemed to come rushing back to haunt him. Many of those closest to him know that he was depressed and suicidal. Still, many of them are reluctant to share their stories because they have been threatened and intimidated for talking about Kurt Cobain’s life. A number of reporters, authors, and photographers have even been physically attacked and scared into hiding.

This controversial documentary, directed by celebrated filmmaker Nick Broomfield, begins by taking a look at Kurt Cobain’s music and legacy. What surfaces is a thorough scrutiny of the destructive power of corporate America and the loss of freedom of speech.

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  • michael

    when I watch this documentary, I don’t see Kurt cobain, I see poverty and people,especially children hooked on drugs and what I can understand from this, is that it’s a cycle, people live in a poor environment , trying to survive and repeating the same behaviors than their parents and that hurts to see all those people suffering so much.

    • IMPACT1

      Not from Courtney…
      … she is where she is at BECAUSE of Curt…I don’t think she has any ‘real talent’…
      …Curt seemed very grounded, and from those pictures in the end, alone in his thoughts, and alone, even in the midst of people.

  • dlsparks

    The nanny and her friend were totally burned out.

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