Weird Weeekends: Louis Theroux’s Weird Christmas

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Louis Theroux reunites with four people from his previous episodes of Weird Weekends.

Starring in the first season of his “Weird Weekends” documentary: fundamental Christian Randy James, reverend Robert Short, porn-star J.J. Michaels, and survivalist Mike Oehler.

In the midst of explosive opinions, how will Christmas fare this weekend?

Released in 1998. 60 min. Director: Geoffrey O’Connor. TV documentary.

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  • jesus

    The old man is right santa = satan. Propelling the sale of more commercialized goods that support illuminati agenda, an abomination against the creator in plain sight.

    • Man

      Fawk your creator and that illuminati bs.

      • fawk me and this comment then! lol dont call people out on their beliefs , to each their own because in the end none of it matters because we’re all going to die. and not 1 person can tell you for certain what happens when you die, nor can we truly conceive of a consciousness beyond what we experience right now due to the brain entering into the equation, which is not present during death. unless your some kind of enlightened spiritual master who can show me for a fact what its like, stfu and let people have their own beliefs ;) k, thanx.
        as for the doc, i too thought this was a bit sub par for louie, maybe he just wanted to go to the states again really badly and said fuck it, we’re gonna make this on the fly.

        • AZryan

          “-dont call people out on their beliefs-”
          “-stfu and let people have their own beliefs-”

          To post this, you had to call out the previous poster for HIS own beliefs you ironic goofball. He believes it’s stupid for others to believe in conspiracy theories and gods.
          And he’s RIGHT in thinking that, because believing INSANE things has a bad habit of harming other people and the progress of Civilization. The logical default position is to NOT believe any claim without an equal balance of evidence and there’s certainly no evidence for gods or conspiracy theories. And those are Big, Ridiculous claims.

          You’re also goofy for claiming that ‘none of this matters because we’re all going to die’. By that ‘logic’, you have no reason to not just go kill yourself. I hope at least you take no one else with you based on your deluded beliefs.
          Your claim that someone needs to have ‘spiritual master’ powers to know anything that happens to us when we’re dead is goofy too. We know the entirety of the emergent property of the brain called ‘consciousness’ ends at death, and the body we’re in decays away.

          We can prove it based on electrical function and seeing when people just lose part of brain function and lose certain key elements of their minds in the process. Nothing magical or mystically unknown.
          All evidence points to bodily death being the full and total end of the ‘mind’, just we weren’t alive before we were created by our parents.

          Any talk of magical realms, god/s, afterlife, etc…is all pure fiction, and the reason anyone believes these specific demented ideas to be ‘facts’ is because other people indoctrinated them to, and because people like you sat by and said, “Screw it. Let ’em do whatever. Who cares? We’re all gonna die.”
          You sound utterly antithetical to the progress of Civilization and already at least partially braindead right now.

  • I’m slightly disappointed as I love Louis Theroux and this was sub-par for him… then again, maybe it’s a really old one.

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