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This film follows a group of recovering drug addicts over a period of 18 months at the New York Center for Addiction Treatment Services. The Center provides group therapy and outpatient support. Many clients are former heroin addicts on methadone mainteinance. The Methadone they receive is dispensed at one of the several clinics in the neighborhood.

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  • basilbrush

    Haha. love the stinking socks bit. methadone is grim grim grim if you want to have a normal life. look up the documentary detox or die about ibogaine for opiate addiction.

  • BrokenHalo

    I think Steve was successful in kicking because he had lived most of his adult life not being addicted and would have a clearer sense of what life is like without drugs. I feel for all these people because I really wonder what is going to be the determining factor for them to get totally clean…sometimes the world looks dim and I totally understand someone saying – “why should I get clean, I’de rather be numb because the world holds nothing for me”.


    • Maged

      You are absolutely correct , the weird thing government doesn’t do anything except keeping them out of paying more needles , seems they don’t have enough money to score so the government keep them out of market in modern way and in return the government doesn’t pay more for keeping them in Gail for food and guards’ salaries and buildings expenses .

  • james oneal

    I enjoy documentaries and go to various places to find them but thanks to your collection this the first time I saw this documentary. This shows how difficult it is to get off drugs with first finding something to fill the time you previously used for getting high on drjug because if you dont fill that void you cant beat the habit.

  • NurseKatie

    Well done documentary! It needs an update, as there have been many changes in this community of people and these programs. I love the honesty of this documentary, however I wish there had been more of a variety of people being shared on here, like the hundreds of thousands of success stories. Well done to the author/producer.

  • ElenA

    It is not available. please anybody fix it

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