Money and Life

A Story About Money That Will Change Your Life

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In today’s modern society, money has become the main objective and the ulterior motive to basically everything. People are willing to waste their lives away doing something that they hate day in and day out, just for the sake of making money. Of course bills need to be paid and food needs to be bought, but the average individual is so consumed with thoughts and worries about money and all that it symbolizes, that it is literally making people sick and ruining relationships.

What’s interesting to note is that originally money was meant to flow through communities for the advantage of all who lived there; it was certainly not meant to be hoarded and esteemed above everything else. This habit in which everybody benefits when money is made can still be observed in many indigenous societies and rural communities. In fact, never before in history has money taken such center stage as it has in recent years and the more people focus on money, the more society suffers.

Just in the last 25 years there have been 187 financial crises and 96 banking crashes worldwide. The system has proven time and time again to be unstable and somewhat unpredictable. Something is terribly wrong with this design.

Money and Life is a passionate film that asks a provocative question: Are we willing to stop seeing the economic crisis as a disaster, but instead see it as a tremendous opportunity for change? This film explores what we’re not taught in school about money; it connects the dots on our current situation and offers a new paradigm that explores how linked we all really are to each other. The documentary invites us to accept the challenge of our time, which is to become a part of the transition towards a restorative economy that fits the needs of our 21st century civilization. This new economy has to be all about cooperation, sharing, and abundance.

Can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster but as a tremendous opportunity?

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  • know it all

    Can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster but as a tremendous opportunity? …. “uuuummm yes we can” – a crisis that is causing millions of people to starve to death, global warming weather change killing people, gangs rulein towns, foreign occupation for natural resorces; which lead to death and conflict. I will agree… from chaos and death comes prosperity and life…. once you hit bottom *** but those on the top will just crush the bottom and start anew. So yeah; it is a frickin disaster when people have to die to start again. That is what it will come to.

  • russ

    Quite an impressive video and narration. It’s inspiring. Like a dream.. How I wish we could do that together.

  • what the heck

    yeah, were just f~ed, but we have a voice and we all are human. I think it’s a good video I just wish we could solve the major problems that plage us in a diffrent way! Yet who chooses that way?

  • Artūrs Pupausis

    Every fiat currency some day will go to it’s true value zero. That massive change to economics would be hard time to everyone

  • Joni

    Why are people so reluctant to just be rid of “money” ? Why is a resource based economy never discussed? If you can monitor GDP, debt, etc you can certainly monitor resources. Can’t you?

  • Ticklefury

    Lots to think about. Worth watching again. Thank you.

  • Harold Martin

    “money answereth all THINGS’….

  • galactichuman

    For every breakdown there is a breakthrought. Keep it local, and start connecting with your neighbours. Come on Homo Sapien Sapien.


    The Poison of society is the Debt-Based money commercial banks are creating out of thin air. We need to stop FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING to save human kind of the worst scam in history.


    RYAN I disagree with your take. Who exactly do you have in mind as “serious scholars”? The same scholars who are part of the lies and the fraud we are enduring with Debt-Based money??

    Do you even understand money? Do you understand Fractional Reserve Banking? Because if you don’t, then this film is the “joke” you’re complaining about. It looks to you as a “joke” because the joke is ON YOU. And it is hard to blame you because we ALL have been had by the elites who form the Cabal of Banksters who control the world using the Debt-Based Money Supply. They also control the corporate Media busy brainwashing thousands of millions of people to believe a total nonsense we have as the official “narrative” of the world, of reality.

    Once you scratch the surface of the big lie we’re being brainwashed with, then you realize how much of a LIE we have been living since we were born. How can we talk about “democracy” when human volition has been completely manipulated to get people to “vote” for anything or anyone against their best interests.
    The controllers rightly see us as “their farm animals” to be milked and made to produce wealth they take from us like taking candy from an ignorant child.
    The Real News Network is a good place, but to offer it as an opposite to what this film is offering, shows how disconnected you are of the facts explained.

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