Multiple Personality Disorder

59 minutes 8.1/10

This documentary explores the strange and surprising story of MPD through the lives of the patients themselves, and through the key psychiatrists in the field.

Multiple Personality Disorder or more commonly known; Dissociative identity disorder, is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

Documentary by Michael Mierendorf, 1993.

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  • nyk666

    This doco doesn’t work. Please fix it whoever manages this site!!!

  • j

    why is there no discussion of the controversy surrounding the diagnosis? especially recovered memories… doc too old or merely biased? the understanding of the basis of personality and memory and diagnosis is more interesting than this, albeit far less sensational.

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