Weird Weeekends: Off-Off Broadway

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Louis Theroux, master of the crafty interview, continues his journey through the outskirts of the American mainstream and plunges into the nightmare that is Broadway’s audition circuit. He learns about some of the jobs actors take to make ends meet, and steps on the working treadmill of the wannabe actor by attending an acting class, a photo session and a voice-coaching class.

Aired 15 June 1999 on BBC. Starring Louis Theroux. Part of the Weird Weekends documentary series. Executive producer David Mortimer.

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  • Anon

    Louis is just great, he tried to be an actor, pornstar, bodybuilder, and many other err… Things, but one thing is for sure; he has tremendous balls to do all that, and on TV!

  • Em

    Oh god, those head shots were hilarious

  • Poor actors :(

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