Opre Roma: Gypsies in Canada

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This documentary celebrates the vibrant culture and tenacious struggle of the Canadian Gypsy and introduces a new generation of Roma who claim their roots with pride.

They call themselves by their rightful name, the Roma. Almost 80,000 Romas call Canada home.

Meet Julia Lovell, a passionate defender of Roma human rights, whose father is slowly gaining the confidence to reveal his heritage; and Karen Gray Boothroyd, a flamenco dancer just beginning to reclaim her Gypsy roots.

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  • Al

    I wonder if these Roma have seen ‘my big fat gypsy wedding’.

  • Raven Shakti

    There is nothing as exquisitely passionate in music and dance, as Flamenco… I get lost in its awesome pulse

    and like to stay there. Opre Roma; beautiful and beautifully done!

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