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As technology advances our privacy is disappearing. This documentary, Panopticon, explores just how much our personal lives are being affected by the usage of invasive technology to monitor us.

The film was made in Holland and uses local examples such as their train system. The Rotterdam tram, face recognition cameras scan passengers before they can board. The purpose is to identify “unwanted” passengers but most people boarding the trolleys are completely unaware of that this invasive system not only exists but can even record your conversations.

Other Dutch examples include: highways lined with cameras as part of the ANPR— Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Then there’s DPI — Deep Packet Inspection that analyzes electronic traffic, and keeps tabs of your Internet activity.

This is only a partial list of all the government programs and systems to check up on its citizens. Has all this technology actually lessened crime or has it just increased fear?

Panopticon is the documentary about your privacy. Watch now.

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  • shellyslioneyes

    This is an awesome documentary. I also believe the government and companies do not need to know every single thing we do every minute of the day. As much as I love technology, there can still be “too much of a good thing.” This documentary was well made and interesting even though I had to read subtitles in English to understand it. It was worth it. Thanks.

  • Mohsen

    well, the modern life has become like a prison with a panopticon tower, there is no privacy, this documentary was really good and reminded me of Foucault. i agree that this kind of gathering information about people is not done just for people’s safety and rather for controlling them, now the judiciary system does not just decide whether you committed a crime or not, they judge your soul, whether you are prone to committing crime or not, before even you have thought about doing sth against the law, yeah Foucault was right, the judiciary system in modern life, i doing sth different from judging whether one has committed a crime. and this system uses technology to probe into our souls..

  • jjj

    Great documentary..worth seeing

  • marcus

    1984 becoming a real threat not justa disotopia

  • amylewis

    it’s in some foreign language and subtitled in English. Sorry I don’t want to have to read the whole documentary.

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