Presumed Guilty

89 minutes 8.7/10 based on 15 votes

This amazing documentary film from Mexico, originally titled Presunto Culpable, investigates the legal system in Mexico as two young Mexican attorneys attempt to exonerate a wrongly convicted man.

In the process, they expose the contradictions of a judicial system that presumes suspects guilty until proven innocent.

Released in 2008. Directors: Roberto Hernández, Geoffrey Smith. Documentary film.

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  • Zsuzsanna

    ‘I don’ t remember’ multiple times. If you have such short memory, maybe you shouldn’t be a police officer.

  • gus

    Someone needs to slap the smirk off the face of these corrupt officials.

  • ME

    me quede flipando cuando le han encontrado culpable la segunda vez!! llore y todo!!! es que esto no puede pasar!!!!

  • aya17

    I cannot believe this is actually going on in the world. It’s unbelievable that even with the cameras there and such overwhelming evidence they can still tenaciously plow ahead with condemning somebody who is so obviously innocent. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for everybody involved, his lawyers and family. Just watching it is almost unbearable. Crazy.

  • Malakaibeats

    It’s truly unbelievable that this type of injustice goes unpunished. Levels of corruption on this scale shouldn’t be tolerated by any nation’s people.

  • DarylTJ

    Where did the doco go? It’s not here anymore :-(

  • C Goyim Wake

    Things like this go on in every country in the world, every day, and STILL people believe that a piece of paper with printing on it is going to protect them somehow. The gov’t has done, does do, and always will do whatever they want and no one is ever going to have “protection” of any kind against it. Even the nations that boast of being free are corrupt, and are NOT actually free at all. Bernard Goethe said: “The most hopelessly enslaved are those that falsely believe they are free.” None of us are “FREE,” get used to it.

    • Mark

      Bullshit. Stop trivializing the corruption and violence in Mexico.

  • Guest

    Incredable.. how the UNjustice system works….

  • galactichuman

    Incredable how the INjustice system works.

  • NurseKatie

    I have no words for this kind of injustice. Where are people’s rights there? I am just sick after watching this young man’s life be taken like this.

    • opinus

      “people’s rights there”? – yes, but let’s not forget the countless black lives taken by the US judicial system not to mention whistleblowers like C. Manning.

      • NurseKatie

        Yes, I agree opinus, there are MANY people of MANY races who suffer injustice… not just the black culture. They have had more than their fair share, just as the jews, Christians, and many others who have died at the hands of corrupt systems!

  • TOP jjang

    the world is full of lies and injustice

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