Protest Music and the Modern Age

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Protest Music and the Modern Age. Director Carl Carver has contacted documentarystorm and asked for people to see his film and give feedback. Is protest music dead? There was a time when protest music ruled the charts.  Bob Dylan, Rage Against the Machine, Punk music to Grunge, the tradition of protest music has been around since the beginning of rock and roll.

In today’s music scene there doesn’t appear to be much of a message in popular music. Protest music might not be completely dead, but is anyone listening?

Please leave your feedback below. The director will be checking this page and responding to comments.

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  • horse shit… more protest music than ever. I think the producer may not be listening to hip hop, punk, hardcore etc..
    i could name more than 100 songs made in 2011 alone about Bush, capitalism, control, illuminati etc

    • Caalamus

      What? Did you somehow get the impression from this, that the creators of the video were advancing the notion protest tunes were a thing of the past?

      • hem-ir-oid

        well it does say in the description “is protest music dead?”
        thats probably why Boyd made the comment. i mean, i kinda got the impression that the film was insinuating that protest music is dead.
        I know it isnt dead but for some sad reason todays pop music is the vast majority of music listened to, that being said the vast majority of those who are listening to todays pop music are in fact, fuckin retards.

  • i believe he’s referring to pop music and shit you see on mtv.. underground is different, there’s a reason it’s not on the radio

  • Floud

    Arab spring, protest, new use of media, have you seen this clip of french rap artist keny arkana?
    Should be in the documentary.

  • Yael Nadine Guery

    Tracy Chapman is one of the great protest singer/songwriters of today. Her lyrics show her critical, social awareness.

  • Sarai

    Rise Against is nothing but protest music

  • Tanner Clark

    i agree. You won’t find much protest type music in mainstream mediums, but you will find a lot in the underground music realm. I would say there are some underground artists making significant ground, especially in the EDM industry. Artists like Bassnectar & Evol Intent have material that sounds awesome & has a great message behind it. They have both toured across the world. Check out Evol Intent’s Era of Diversion.

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