Punchlines For Progress: Why Jon Stewart is one of the most trusted men in America.

48 minutes 7.3/10 based on 73 votes

Who is your favorite news anchor? More and more Americans under 40 are answering: Jon Stewart. Or Stephen Colbert. While these two anchors are both comedians, and while their news shows both air on the Comedy Network, Jon Stewart recently polled as the most trusted man in the news – above anchors at CNN and Fox news. This documentary looks at the hilarious power of comedy to tell the truth. A joke – even a sarcastic one – can cut to the heart of the matter.

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Discuss This Documentary

  • Lakhotason

    Nice music also.

  • Seanpatrick

    This doc is WEAK!!! Jon stewart bait and switch

  • kal

     Jon Stewart speaks more truth in one joke, than mass media do in a 24hour span, thats why.

  • shanks

    pointless and useless doc!!

  • wacko_texas

    The opening background music really detracts from the story.

  • Roy

    Great doc. I had absolutely no idea Carlin started out as a square until I watched this.

  • seek

    I think the point of the film was not to bait and switch but to show where Jon Stewart came from, what his influences where, and how his version of truth through comedy could not exist without the Comedians who paved the way to the freedom of speech he enjoys today. If you want watch only Jon Stewart then hit up his show.

    • seek

      I liked It!

  • whoever

    Robert R Murrow? Are you kidding me? Stopped watching immediately.

  • jayres

    bad enough that the american masses get their information through fox news, just fucking scary that the world will be inherited by people who think that they are hearing real issues when they turn on comedy central. were doomed

  • jayres

    you should try getting your “truth” from an independent news source.
    emphasis on the independent part. you cant trust anything being said on
    television news of any kind. they are just espousing the opinions of the
    higher ups at the network, as well as the largest monetary contributors
    to said network. even if jon stewart were to miraculously want to say something of substance on his show, he wouldnt even be allowed to do so.

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