Richie Rich gets Richer

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Countries like Greece and Spain are teetering towards bankruptcy. The poor is getting poorer and…the rich is getting richer. The same old story and a troubling trend backwards from the middle class dominance of the 20th Century.  This report looks at the ever widening gap.Some people have 100 cars in their garage. 100 of each type of car: Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, etc.  Rolls Royce has broken records in 2011 for cars sold. The luxury industry stumbled, but it has not seen the crisis that the lower income earners have experienced.

“Manhattan’s 58 billionaires have gotten richer.  What is the world coming to?

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  • Mohammad ZelFahar

    The gap between rich and poor continues to widen and it is very apparent. It can be seen as things as fundamental and tangible as housing in small town America. Some of us live in tiny apartment and struggle with two incomes and a child. Others build gigantic homes, plus cottages, plus buy in Europe, and then buy everyone in the family a 50K car for fun. I recently visited Denmark and was impressed that everyone there lived in a nice, normal size house. They were much more equal. Hardly anyone in apartments and the ones that were are actually university students who have free university tuition and the government also pays for their living expenses! Sounds like a fairytale in the US

    • Harold Fisher

      I used to make a lot more than today and I’m exponentially happier than I’ve ever been. It’s because I take time to do things I like – like watching documentarystorm and getting smarter, spending time with my kids, and meditating. Money isn’t everything. It’s not even a lot.

    • Knueflipper

      I’m from Denmark (in advance: sorry for my spelling)- and yes, we have some great benefits here: free healthcare for everyone, free universities – actually most education is free, and you get paid enough to get by on a parttime job -10-15hour/week, while you study (student loans are way cheaper to). We have 6 weeks of paid vaication, almost a full year of paid maturnatyleave and/or a couple of weeks/months for the farther aswell, depending on how you share it.Unions are strong here, so there’s not such a huge difference in sallary either. That said – We are incredibly bad at welcomming refugees and imigrants from non-western countries. We have few homeless, but we’re targeting unemployed people socially and economically, even though big companies keep laying people of, and jobs are hard to come by. We have some 8 parties in the Folketinget (Peoples counsel/government) and half the country votes for the economical liberals, and the other half for the more sociallist-minded. The result is a pretty tame government, trying to get voters on both sides – and pleasing neither. From 2000 – 2011 we have had a relative rightwing government, that was trying to dismantle most of the wellfare-state as we know it – selling of government-run-companies to the hightest bidder – not worrying about the consequenses. Well we feel them now. Not as bad as southern Europe. But in the last 3 years government jobs has decreased by 18.000 jobs (keep in mind, that we have a 5.5 million population, so 18k is huge). – What we – as everyone else in this world does in a time of crisis – is downsizing – like a company would do. Makes sense if you’re company, keeping expenses low – but in a country, the people is the countrys own custumers – and if the custumers have no jobs and no money – they don’t pay as much in taxes – and further cutdowns are required. That’s where we are right now – Still wouldn’t trade our system for the U.S., but slowly, sadly, we are getting there……

      • awful_truth

        Hi Knueflipper. Just wanted to say that I am from Canada, and we are facing the same situation that you are, trying to fight off the American way, and hopelessly lose ground every day. Sad as it may be, corporatism (fascism) is here to stay, and anytime someone attempts to make things better for the general masses, it threatens the status quo. Good luck to us all!

    • Plonkette

      The US has a population of 350+ million, Denmark has a population of 5 million. Thats the difference. If half the population of the united states were to die off, then there would be a return to prosperity.

      • Mr.Man

        you, sir, are not very intelligent.

        • billy

          maybe he’s got a point, distasteful though it may seem. The US government are already doing that with spraying toxic chemicals [chemtrails] into the atmosphere.

  • awful_truth

    The rules and regulations(or lack there of) re-inforces the growing disparity between rich, and poor. It is the secrecy of Switzerland that protects not only wealthy, but the legal criminals of our time, as it did during the 2nd world war, where the Germans grabbed all of the money, and gold (fillings) from those they persecuted. In the late 1990’s, they had to pay several billion dollars in reparations to the families of those they stole from. .(right Brian Mulroney – Carl Hans Schrieber sits in a German jail, while Canadian ex-prime minister sits on a panel,(television show) deciding who will be the next great Canadian prime minister, after admitting he was bought off. (air bus scandal) It would appear that nothing has changed, and only gotten worse!

  • It is not an accident that the rich are getting richer. They buy the politicians who make the laws that give them unseemly advantages in a rigged system. This system will reach it’s apex of injustice with the mark of the beast. This is a declaration of Total War in the Christian scripture against those who accept of the mark. The Holy God has Honor and does not do sneak attacks. It is a total war, where were it not for the sake of the elect, no life would be spared. This war starts with the physical appearance of the mark of the beast. You are warned, and will soon be desolate, having chosen to serve no viable part in the Command of God, thus your existance has no purpose in HIs Creation

  • RichPeopleAreWorthlessScum

    If things keep going the way they have been going, these people are all going to get what they really deserve. They have to power to turn things around and they better do something fats or the guillotines will come out of storage just like they did in Russia. Pigs.

  • CorruptionKilla

    The only way to bring change that works has historically been proven to be violence against those who are using violence against he poor. As it is now, the rich are the ones who are oppressing the poor politically. If nothing can be done to change this then there is nothing wrong with using violence against the wealthy. Cutting off the top of the pyramid certainly helps those who are at the bottom.

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