Riddle of the Sphinx

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At 57m long, 6m wide and 20m high, the Great Sphinx at Giza is the largest single-stone sculpture in the world. But who built it? Dr Vassil Dobrev, from the French Institute in Cairo, is on the verge of cracking the riddle of the Sphinx!

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, a sphinx is a zoomorphic figure, usually depicted as a recumbent lioness or lion with a human head, but occasionally as a lion with the head of a falcon, hawk, or ram. The figure had its origin in the Old Kingdom and is associated with the solar deity Sekhmet. The use of heads of other animals atop the lioness body followed the titular deities of the city or region where they were built or which were prominent in the Egyptian pantheon at the time.

Later, the sphinx image, something very similar to the original Egyptian concept, was exported into many other cultures, albeit often interpreted quite differently due to translations of descriptions of the originals and the evolution of the concept in relation to other cultural traditions.

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  • Danny Cleveland

    Documents available for download at

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    هذا الرابط سوف يأخذك إلى موقع على شبكة
    الانترنت يترجم إلى العربية


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  • dragon123098

    did you solve the riddle?

  • dragon123098

    seriously?Dr Vassil Dobrev, who sa va

  • Michael Kinsey

    The NWO is hell bent on setting up another round of keeping everyone else pounding stone to their vanity and occultism.

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  • Poinsietta Jones

    Very weak….So much bollocks…pffft!

  • Mad Max

    The sphinx could be as old as 9000 BC I have read from recent articles – how could humans built and move such a huge single stone sculpture as it is still the largest in the world – unless beings from other planets have been here earlier and built it and used it as a landing and launching platform for their space vehicles – the back is quite long?!

    • Jethro D!

      The Sphinx and the enclosure it sits in were carved OUT of the existing granite Giza plataue bedrock. They weren’t made somewhere else and then transported there.

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