Secrets of the Lost Empire: Easter Island

55 minutes 8.1/10 based on 11 votes

This is third in a special five-part series presented by NOVA. It originally aired back in February of 2000. Throughout the series a crew from NOVA strive to discover the forgotten secrets of the long-forgotten engineers and architects. 55 minutes long.

In Secrets of the Lost Empire: Easter Island viewers travel to a distant Pacific island to examine the so-called moai statues.  55 minutes long. These sculptures are considered be among one of the world’s most mysterious structures. Throughout the documentary NOVA uses an interactive map to determine where the residents of long ago moved the prominent stones.

The documentary also examines the recent attempts that have been made to move the moai overland. The film itself has received several mixed reviews with many not being impressed with it. Personally I found it to be interesting, but if I was an expert on the topic I might not have been pleased. Prior to watching the film I knew nothing about these statues, so I found it to be fascinating.

You be the judge. Do you consider NOVA’s Secrets of the Lost Empire: Easter Island to be an accurate and well thought-out film examining the statues?

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