Sir! No Sir!

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This feature-length documentary focuses on the efforts by troops in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War to oppose the war effort by peaceful demonstration and subversion.

It speaks mainly to veterans, but serves as a ready reminder to civilians that soldiers may oppose war as stridently as any civilian, and at greater personal peril.

Released 2005. Director: David Zeiger.

Sir! No Sir! – GI opposition to vietnam by jasonmacs

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  • lacroix

    “obedience to the law is freedom” ………..sounds like the runner up for the plaque above auschwitz main entrance gate.

  • Michael Kinsey

    I was released from Portsmith Naval Prison in July 1968. I told my court marshal board, the ends do not justify the means and I don’t see how they can expect me to fight for someone else s freedom when I didn’t have my own. My generation were taught we were a free people, this is no longer believed in America. Iraq’s killed were the same poor killed in Vietnam. Were back to the same ugly no win situation and I expect we may become the next peasants in the global NWO. The attacks of 911 and Iraq and Afghanistan are no different than Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam. This time they intend to bust out our economy like a mafia don, declare bankruptcy, and with the fall of the dollar, fund our military industrial complex with tax from the UN, IMF, World Central bank, SDR world reserve currency funded by a universal vat and carbon tax via the chip the Obama Care health made legal and treatment care preferential, not mandatory. Check this out in the net, it’s all there.

    • Henrik “Happy Feet” Ogunleye

      “Check this out in the net, it’s all there”…gosh what an airtight argument that is. Something couldn’t possibly be false if it’s posted on the Internet!

      Do us all a favor and stop bombing all of the comment sections on these films with your absurd, eschatological “antichrist / new world order” fantasies, and go someplace else where poor grammar and breathless excitability is welcomed with open arms (the site ‘InfoWars’ comes to mind.)

      George Monbiot was right, these fantastic conspiracies are “an excuse for inaction by those who don’t have the stomach to engage in real political fights.”

      • Jeremy

        What specific “conspiracy” are you referring to?

      • illuminatilizardperson

        It seems to me that Mr. Kinsey engaged in a very real and personal political fight, when he refused to participate in a war he considered unethical. Mr. Ogunleye, what have you done?

  • qualiagirl

    Hey, anyone notice there’s only half the film here? Anyone??

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