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IT IS PART 5 IN OUR HIGHLY POPULAR SSEX BBOX SERIES. This time, we’re talking about GENDER. Enjoy!

Part 5 Examines the various sexes – and whether there are more than just two. Gender roles, identity, sexual orientation: it is all up for grabs in this take-no-prisoners and leave no stone unturned exploration of human sexuality.

The documentary discusses the male, female, and ‘other’ identity in 21st Century culture.  One area where gender is always an issue is in certain languages, such as French, where everything is described as being ‘female’ or ‘male.’ Many Latin languages do not use neutral pronouns. Let’s talk and see where we go…


xamines the difference between sex, gender roles, gender identity and sexual orientation. What it means to be a woman, a man, neither, or both? Identity! “ We also examine the challenge to find gender neutral pronouns in Latin languages which use male and female labels for everything! Let’s talk and see where we go…


P.S: the photo for this post is a Miss Universe  Contestant – who turned out to be transgendered.

[SSEX BBOX] EPISODE #5 (English) from SSEX BBOX on Vimeo.

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  • Cam

    I realize he said “to me,” but to ME this is an objective statement. Sex, gender, and sexual orientation are NOT differences which are imposed by Western society.

    Sex (as a noun) is the act, (as an adjective) is the same as gender, gender is whether you’re male, female, neither, or both…and sexual orientation is which gender(s) you’re physically attracted to. All of these exist within the natural order of things. None of them were imposed by any society, Western or otherwise.

  • aguestpest

    Holy shit are we ever more becoming a confused species! No wonder we’re going out of business. Or are these people saying that we – humanity – are actually on the leading edge and that other species, like Elephants where males spend most of their lives solitary, would do well, if they could neglect that male role and play along with a group of females (or vice versa), just because it’s something novel?

    The main function as modern human sees it, appears to be – well – different than Nature intended for us to be. We are the unsatisfied/unhappy species, and we seem to believe that by acting out these proposed, different roles, everything will become Nirvana or groovy or cool or whatever. Until the next unhappy discovery, which will than have to be rethought and changed.

    I don’t really give a hoot what role others want to play, whenever they want to play it, just don’t expect others to change course every time that happens, because I live MY life, which unfortunately (?) seems to follow a much more steady course. I can be perfectly content without dinner-plates in my ear-lobes or spikes through my penis or nipples. Our psyches play funny roles eh? So go ahead and mutilate that beautiful body Nature has provided for you, for she has no problem building other ones until she gets it ‘right’, because that is what Nature does. The evolutionary cul-de-sac called humanity is merely another of her little experiments.

  • Everybody is just fuckin nuts,just sit back and enjoy the show i guess

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