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  • madscirat

    This documentary is more guess work than science. Also, it relies on specialists who tend to leave out obvious variables which are not part of their fields, like the climatologist who seems to make no account of phytoplankton, the world’s largest producer of 02, in his model of a CO2 choked world with a global ocean.

    If you do decide to watch this then ponder as you do how people will swallow this dreamy speculation about the climate 250 million years in the future, but howl with skepticism when confronted with global warming predictions less than a 100 years in the future. Humans.

  • David Thomas

    Doesn’t take in account unknown factors. For instance rogue asteroids, the ever slowing down of the rotation of the earth, polar shift, how CO2 really effect the planet rather than relying on models and theorys.

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