Surfing and Sharks

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Sharks have carried a stigma ever since the first surfers entered South Africa’s coastal waters looking for epic swell conditions. The film seeks to educate viewers so they’ll willingly bridge the gap between myth and reality regarding shark attacks. Every single day during the summer when the ocean swells to its peak, there are Great White sharks swimming in the proximity of the surfers. Most of the time they move about harmlessly, dispelling the myth that they’re blood-thirsty monsters. Instead, they behave like beautiful, majestic creatures, that command respect. But the few attacks that do occur produce a collective hysteria among the public. The fear is fueled by the news media and traditional myths causing locals to scatter strange ideas instead of coming up with real solutions to solve the problem.

This documentary, with footage that most surfers can only dream of seeing, introduces us to the Wild Coast in South Africa where there are approximately 1000 kilometers of untamed topographical ocean. For local surfers Lungani Memani, Andrew Lange, and Avuyile Ndamase, this paradise is their home.

Lungani Memani is a descendant of the sea-fearing tribes of South Africa. He boldly went against his religious tradition to become one of the country’s surfing development programs’ biggest success stories. He is now one of the most renowned black surfers in South Africa.

Andrew Lange is a globetrotter who spends his time traveling to discover uncharted surfing spots around the world.

Avuyile Nadamase was raised in Port St. Johns which was declared to be the most dangerous beach in the world. This came as a result of a number of fatal shark attacks, including Avuyile’s younger brother in early 2011.

Spend some time with these Pro Surfers. Listen to their family traditions and stories as they disclose the secrets that surround the shark stigma that exists in South Africa. Listen to interviews of a handful of shark experts, including a PhD student doing research for his thesis on “The Politics of Shark Attacks.” They all chip in to set the record straight. Watch this now.

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  • john ingraham

    I would love to say I enjoyed this Doc..but Im not allowed to watch it I guess cause it says “uploader doesn’t make this video available in your country”…assholes!!!

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