The Ascent of Money

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Niall Ferguson makes a strong, compelling case for the development of money and banking as a catalyst for the advancement of civilization. Yet while some critics praised his clear, comprehensible writing, punctuated with anecdotes and historical details, others were nonplussed by his explanations and narrative detours. Several critics also bemoaned the book’s choppy and uneven structure—an echo of the episodic, six-part television series it was meant to accompany.

So it seems the UK critics liked the book less because they had seen the show. Though perhaps best suited to readers with a fundamental understanding of financial terms and theories, Ferguson’s latest work provides valuable insight into the inner workings of the global economy, past and present. For interested readers, it demonstrates how our current fiscal meltdown fits into the bigger historical picture and laments humanity’s perennial inability to learn from this history.

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  • julie

    The video is private, we I can’t watch it.

    • Hi,

      the video is now up and running again. Thanks.

  • dorisP

    I think its good because it provides background information and you realize that wars are created for the sake of money.
    In fact really horrible – this cannot end well!

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