The Boy Who Lived Before

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After death, is it possible that we come back to this world for another round?

This documentary, produced by Channel 5 in the United Kingdom, The Boy Who Lived Before, tells the story of Cameron Macauley. Ever since he was able to speak he would talk about his previous life on the Island of Barra which is over 220 miles from his home in Glasgow. He talks of his other parents, of his dog, of the white house he lived in, and the view of planes landing on the beach. These stories would send shivers down his mother’s spine.

At the age of 5, he is still talking about his old life. Cameron misses his old family on Barra and has become increasingly distressed. Cameron has asked, persistently, to be taken to Barra and his mother finally agreed to take him there, joined by American child psychologist Dr. Jim Tucker.

Join Cameron on his journey to find his previous life.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this child’s case is so fascinating, this documentary will leave you scratching your head for answers.

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  • beach in baraaaa


  • Jamie Malos

    Coool documentary. Takes the situation seriously but also leaves room for interpreation that it just might be some very weird coincidences.

  • disqus_2okA6opi1v

    nothing to it

  • Jason Coplen

    Dumb. The kid’s a liar being coached by his parents.

  • Bawbster

    Maybe the kid was the black and white dog?

  • Dave

    Interesting, but it all seems explainable without reference to past lives. Nothing conclusive or convincing for me

  • Christian Champagne

    no video

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