The Cannibal That Walked Free

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This documentary examines the remarkable case of Issei Sagawa –the self-confessed ‘godfather of cannibals’ who walked free from prison and became a minor celebrity, despite having killed and eaten a young woman in the early 1980s.

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  • Jurij Fedorov

    This is sick. Why do they tell about all the details in the documentary? Disgusting.

    I think he is a psychopath, which the psychologist din’t mention.

    • Ziishi

      it’s a documentary, it’s point is to tell you all the details.

  • Meng

    He`s a good man. Good friend of mine. Hope no one judge him we all have done something bad at one time. This was all in the past and as far as we know he doesn`t eat people anymore.

  • Lee

    “Something Bad”!!!!!!!! , Bad!!……he did more than merely bad.
    He consciously took the life of a young girl and then to fulfill some sick fantasy he canabilized her. If that sick excuse for a human being had a shred of decency about him he should have promptly terminated his own existence.

  • Canibal

    Tracey…I will find you and eat you…

  • diemotherfucker

    i hope he chokes on his own vomit bastard son you should have been crusified!

  • Me

    All you commenters i have some questions. Do you eat meat? If you do, do you find it delicious? And one last question is human not made of flesh and blood? Issei is probably far more intelligent than you are and do understand the mere biology of nature. Do some research since your ancestors probably were cannibals, because the first inhabitants of Europe were cannibals. I see nothing wrong in consuming meat of any kind, however i’m a law abiding citizen and won’t commit murder. So when you eat a nice stake i hope you remember that meat you are consuming was once a living creature and it had felt pain and instincts not much different than those of emotions.

    • gerry

      Congratulations,,,its not often you find as much bs packed into one statement so succinctly

  • SeKo

    watching this was just fucking disgusting. most disturbing about this is how he had been treated like a superstar in japan. sick people.

  • Leerwesen

    He’s completely free and living in a place that’s a mansion compared to where most people live … Japan doctors should have found him in need of care, but I also think the French should have held him there for treatment. Both countries failed… Unfortunately he was able to buy his freedom. You’d think his father would be concerned for him as well as the community. SICK!

  • sarah_zhen

    Gosh….sends chills down my spine juz thinking how a monster like him is allowed to walk free amongst innocent folks…..
    It`s obvious he`s hardly remorseful for what he`s done…Tis ugly leprechaun should be put behind bars before he leashes out his fantasies once more on some innocent gal..
    Come on Japanese!Wake up!Do something before he turns you into some sushi dish!

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